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Terms of Use



SEND YOUR EVENT- Mexico – (SYE.MX «) is a property that operates as a DBA of Bravo Logistic Services Corporation. The use of the site www.shipyourevent.mx («the Site») and the services we offer, or the services offered in the middle of our site, the services offered, the services and the conditions of use. («Terms»). In these terms it is said that «you» refers to the individuals or companies that access and use the information and services of this site, and that therefore are accepted and adhere to these terms and their subsequent modifications. Read the complete terms to learn about your rights and obligations regarding the use of the Site and its services.


SYE.MX provides the information on the site, and it is through acceptance of compliance that such terms without modification are stipulated. The terms can be modified at any time without prior notice. You can access the site to have the most recent modification.


Our allowed merchandise shipping service is carried out by different suppliers; therefore, the supplier of the shipping service is subject to the discretion of SYE.MX. It is stipulated that it is a third party, the transport company in charge of sending their products to destination. Likewise, it is stipulated that SYE.MX, adheres to the terms and modifications of said companies. In case of any irregularity, a claim is made directly with SYE.MX. who will carry out an investigation, after the claim.


A SYE.MX representative will provide the client with a proforma that will include the costs of the service for approval. Through the information provided by the client, a quote is created in which the rate for the service and / or its modifications is established. These refer to changes regarding weight, volume or quantity of the goods. SYE.MX sends to destination and it is the customer’s responsibility to receive the goods at their destination. If there is a maneuver by the company that carries out the shipment, which implies an extra expense, establishing disembarkation expenses or expenses for «stopping» the merchandise, it will be the responsibility of the customer.


Any change or modification of the proforma, in merchandise or service, must be informed to a representative of SYE.MX to re-establish new conditions. Cancellations only apply to the service that is cancelled before leaving the SYE.MX facilities in the USA or Mexico. In case of cancellation, the cost will be proportional to the commercial cost of the merchandise.


SYE.MX is responsible for damages and/or loss of goods sent to destination. We are not responsible for the packaging of your supplier. Your goods will be insured when shipped to destination. If it is considered that the merchandise needs to be repacked and/or better packaged, it will be done at the cost of the client.


It is established and accepted by these terms, that the goods and/or products received in our facilities, will be inspected prior to export or import.

  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Illegal drugs, narcotics or any drugs that are not allowed in this jurisdiction or that of their final destination.
  • Lottery tickets or gambling games prohibited by the authorities.
  • Hazardous, flammable, combustible materials, including without limitation, corrosive materials, explosives, infectious substances, poisons, artificial gunpowder games, radioactive materials.
  • Animals and human remains.
  • Toxic waste.
  • Money in currency, or bills, or any market currency.
  • Alcohol and its derivatives.
  • Tobacco
  • Any merchandise that violates the safety terms of the transportation companies.


SYE.MX offers the Site as an information platform for the services it offers. You are responsible for establishing the internet connection for access, as well as the payment of the charge fees associated with this connection.


Any personal information that is derived from you or your clients, and that is provided through the site, for purposes of the service we offer is subject to being true, current and complete, the use of the site for any other purpose becomes the restriction of the use of it, we reserve the right to provide information and services.


To use some of the site’s applications, you agree not to share your personal information with other users. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, you are responsible for the activities that derive from the use of your account and password.


Coupled with the restrictions mentioned in the Terms, the site should not be used to:

  • Engage the site for commercial activities, including but not limited to, the commercial use of the Site and its Services, except for the purpose of requesting service quotes for you or your customers.
  • Reproduce or copy, republish, transmit, post, distribute, sell, modify in any way the content of the Site for commercial use, except for non-commercial personal purposes.
  • Reformat or frame some portion of the site and its pages
  • Create automatic accounts or derived from false, deceptive and fraudulent information
  • Copy or modify the HTML to generate web pages on the Services Site
  • Carrying out any action that imposes a disproportionate IT infrastructure load on SYE.MX
  • Modify, adapt or modify in any capacity any portion of the Site.
  • Transmit or disseminate viruses, corrupted files or any similar program that may harm or damage the operation of any other computer, the Site, or any similar program or equipment.
  • Disrupt or interfere with the use of the Site by your network and the servers of the Site
  • Personify person or entities or falsify their connection or affiliation with any person or entity
  • Collect or store personal information about other users
  • Committing to illegal actions


We reserve the right (but not the obligation) to suspend your access to the Site, at any time, for any reason without giving you notice.


If you are going to provide information of your client, the responsibility of the obtaining, veracity and authorization of the data is your obligation. SYE.MX is not responsible for obtaining your customer’s personal information.


Bravo Logistic Services Corp, and its divisions, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, managers, successors, agents, consultants will not be responsible for:

  • Damage and loss of goods before being received at our facilities
  • Damage and/or loss of merchandise, after having been satisfactorily received at destination

Items not mentioned in the supplier’s commercial invoice

  • Content of sites that are linked from our site
  • Any virus or damage to your devices
  • The content of any communication or message published by users or third parties


SYE.MX reserves the right to make any changes to the site in form and content.


We do not represent any third party whose site is linked to ours, we have no control over the content or resources of third parties, therefore, we are not responsible for any activity that derives from these sites.


Users agree not to reproduce, copy, sell or resell, or exploit in any commercial way, any partial or total portion of the Site, as well as its use and access.


You agree to indemnify Bravo Logistic Services Corp, and its divisions, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, managers, successors, agents and consultants for damages and prejudices that accrue from the following points, including attorney’s fees in which incurred:

  • Negligence and inappropriate behavior in the use of the Site.
  • Content information obtained by you or third parties.
  • Your connection to the site.
  • Any violation of the content of these terms
  • Infringe and violate intellectual property, privacy, publicity, confidentiality, reservation rights and property of other persons or entities. You are responsible for defending any claim and for the legal costs of your claim.


We reserve the right to suspend, without prior notice and without limitation, access to the site and its Services in the event that we believe that you have infringed or acted fraudulently in the use and handling of the Terms. The suspension is immediate and is not subject to claims of civil liability for SYE.MX or third parties.